About Us

The Grumpy Dog Club Story 

When Heather was looking for unique outfits and quirky accessories for her grumpy griff, Walter, she had no idea that her search would start her on a journey to creating her own boutique pet apparel line, inspired by Walter and made for grumpy dogs everywhere. 

Dressing a Woof Named Walter

A Florida native, now living in the Midwest, Heather was having little luck in finding clothing and accessories that would fit Walter’s weird-shaped frame. After realizing that she was unlikely to find what she was looking for, she worked on creating custom items that were made to measure and distinctive. Seeing that others were having the same issues finding clothing that fit their own dogs, she started the Grumpy Dog Club.

Based online with worldwide shipping, Grumpy Dog Club is an apparel and accessory line designed exclusively for your small to medium sized BFFs. We only make hand-made or hand-personalized clothing and accessories that follow Walter and Heather’s personalities and aesthetic.

Made to Match

Grumpy Dog Club is 100% dog and dog parent oriented. Our goal is to consistently produce bespoke items that are crafted to suit your and your dog’s unique personality.

We don’t limit ourselves to specific styles and fabrics, instead we use a wide selection of materials ranging from soft jersey knits to eye-catching sequins and mesh details, we dedicate ourselves to creating high-quality clothing and accessories to match you and your BFF’s tastes.

Seeing you Through the Seasons

 Our clothing range has been carefully conceptualized and curated to cover all seasons and occasions from adorable lightweight hoodies for a morning coffee run and relaxed long-sleeve shirts for carefree strolls among the fall leaves to fun fitted graphic tank shirts for summer playdates. People and their pooches love our embroidered tie-dye hoodie so much that it ended up doing the rounds as a TikTok sensation, and is still one of our top sellers. 

For those who want to gift their furry friends with the ultimate status symbol, our customized acrylic ID tags are embellished with glitter and sprinkles, ideal for completing your pup’s signature look. 

Tailored to fit your furry friend

In keeping with Grumpy Dog Club's commitment to making each accessory or clothing item unique, we guarantee an impeccable fit with our made-to-measure production process. We even provide specific instructions to guide you in precisely measuring your pet so we can perfectly tailor the final piece to their exact measurements. 

When outfitted by Grumpy Dog Club, we promise that your four-legged friend will always win the Best Dressed Award at the dog park and be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Remember, you don’t need a smile to show off some style! Dress gorgeous, stay grumpy!